Noise pollution is so pervasive in cities that citizens and policymakers tend to believe it is unavoidable.

The Life Harmonica project has developed innovative tools to better inform the public about environmental noise and to help local authorities make the right decisions in fighting noise pollution. These tools include an easy-to-understand noise index , the Harmonica index and a platform for displaying information about environmental noise in European cities.

This website will allow you to:

  • find out more about the Harmonica index
  • consult Harmonica index results for various European cities
  • discover noise abatement solutions implemented around Europe

If you are a local government representative involved in environmental noise management or you manage a noise monitoring network,

Measurement sites




Toots 1.1, the tool for testing Harmonica index is available for Windows. Click here to know how to get it.


Download the Layman's report to be informed about tools developed within the Life+ Harmonica project.


Download the methodological guide to use tools developed within the Life+ Harmonica project.